Extreme Reach Has Acquired DG

On February 7, Extreme Reach acquired DG’s broadcast advertising business, including SourceEcreative. Please learn more about the acquisition by visiting the Extreme Reach website.
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  • Passion Pictures Directors againstallodds 'Gladly' Animate Popeye

    Directing duo againstallodds create an authentic-looking, 1930s-era Popeye cartoon for Bank Of America.

  • Editor Lizzy Graham Sign To Marshall Street Editors

    Marshall Street Editors are delighted to welcome editor Lizzy Graham to their books.

  • Anonymous+Iconoclast Partner for Commercials

    New partnership between Iconoclast and Anonymous Content sees them share representation of directors between the U.S. and France.

  • Directors Joe Schaak and Jeannette Godoy sign to TPSC

    Two accredited directors sign with The Travelling Picture Show Company for exclusive representation.

  • Award-Winning Editor Lucas Eskin Joins Cut+Run

    Award-Winning editor Lucas Eskin joins Cut+Run, starting with a spot for Newport Beack Film Festival

  • Framestore Defies Gravity For A Second Time

    Not content with winning EVERYTHING with Gravity earlier this year, Framestore London have taken on the force itself in a wicked viral for Robinsons.

  • Fashion & Beauty Hit the Runway

    See what's hot in our 2014 Fashion & Beauty Special as Believe Media, GreatGuns, Serial Pictures and others strut their stuff.

  • AICE names curatorial committee for their 2014 awards

    Committee to choose Best in Show winner and ensure finalists and winners fully meet all the criteria in the 20-plus categories.

  • Award-Winning Short 'Russian Roulette' - Scout Q&A

    Unsigned director Ben Aston talks about his latest award winning short film 'Russian Roulette'

  • Matt Miller Signs to Cap Gun Collective

    Cap Gun Collective signs 'Teachers' web series co-creator and director Matt Miller for commercial representation.

  • Saville Productions signs director Tom Schlagkamp

    Award-winning Berlin-based director Tom Schlagkamp signs to Saville Productions for exclusive North American commercial representation.

  • Director Jason Lindsey Joins Seed Media Arts

    Down-to-earth, world-class director/photographer Jason Lindsey signs to Seed Media Arts.


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